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We are Stuart and Pippa and together we run Hempsall Farm Luxury Vegan Glamping.  

Having been vegan for several years, we have always found it frustrating when looking for a holiday destination, that many accommodation providers don't understand the needs of vegan clients. When refusing feather duvets or wool blankets seems strange, and hosts think that a lamb skin rug is a touch of luxury; sharing dining spaces with people eating non-vegan food can be really upsetting too.


So we decided we had to create the experience we wanted, ourselves.  We've both enjoyed camping, with Pippa pushing for the luxury side of the experience, so it seemed a natural choice to offer our guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy their luxury glamping holiday in a fully vegan environment, whilst still getting closer to nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

Is it for you?

Veganism is such an important part of our identity and we know how much more enjoyable experiences are when all the checking of labels or asking 'is that vegan?' is removed.  Hempsall Farm is our home and for us it is a retreat from a sometimes-unkind world; where animals are used and abused by those who claim to love them.  We want to open our home up to others who feel the same.  To create a haven where we can all pretend that the whole world is vegan, if just for a weekend.  Somewhere you don't have to defend your vegan lifestyle, where others are already on the same page and we are all hoping for the same safe future for the animals and the planet.

Our mission

Our sanctuary of rescue animals has always been privately funded by ourselves, but as it grew we realised we needed to ensure that we could always provide for their care; with many expected to live 15-20 years! 

The sanctuary is currently going through Charity registration and the glamping site exists to ensure the feed, care and vets' costs of the animals will always be covered, without the need to ask for donations. 


We are also proud to offer several weekend stays each year to other animal sanctuaries to use as raffle prizes or auction prizes to raise much needed funds for their work too. 

Pippa & Stuart both have full time jobs, Pippa runs a Yoga Studio in Cambridge and Stuart has an office based job Monday to Friday, so please do bare with us when getting in contact


Hempsall farm is not a working farm.  We are a 6 acre site which is our family home.  Our paddocks have filled with animals that needed to live out their days in safety and so they are members of our family too. Our small woodland is home to Tawny Owls, Kestrels and Woodpeckers.

We grow as much fresh organic veg as we can to live as sustainably as possible, we'd be happy to show you around the veg garden during your stay.

We have also thoroughly researched local vegan brands and enjoy sharing them with our visitors.  


no meat, dairy or eggs to be consumed on site
Private cooking Area
& Fire Pit
Bike Rental available
Outdoor wood fired Hot-tub
flushing Toilet
hot power Shower
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