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When Glamping isn't Vegan

Many people ask us what isn't vegan about 'normal' glamping.

Supporting animal agriculture

Many glamping sites are farm diversification projects; where a livestock farmer, perhaps of cows or sheep, will take an unproductive corner of their farm and pop some glamping structures on it for extra income. These sorts of projects are welcomed by planning authorities and so are often easily passed, even in areas where other development wouldn’t be allowed. A stay at a glamping site on a working farm is often supporting an industry that vegans try to avoid.

The true cost of luxury

It surprises a lot of people to learn how many animal products are used when the label ‘luxury’ is applied to glamping stays.

To turn a basic camping experience into a glamping experience many hosts believe that guests want lambskins, feather pillows, duck down duvets and animal skin rugs adorning the floors; which for a vegan guest is a source of real distress. Sofa’s are often made of leather and mattresses feature wool pads for warmth; but how can one truly relax knowing how much cruelty happened for that comfort?

BBQ time

Sharing a campsite or glamping site with non-vegans means waking to the smell of meat based bbq breakfasts and using grills that have recently cooked the body parts of sentient beings. Some vegans take their own cooking utensils, pots and pans to self catering places so as to avoid using items previously used for cooking meat. At a vegan glamping site you can be assured that everything you use has only even seen plant based food.

Vegan glamping goes beyond just the food that’s cooked and eaten on site, it’s in every piece of furniture, pillow filling, choice of fabric, and all cleaning products and toiletries. In July 2021 we opened up our home to other vegan families to enjoy a fully vegan glamping experience on an animal sanctuary. The profits from your glamping stay fund the care costs of our rescue animals.

We hope you'll come and stay at Hempsall Farm Vegan Glamping and enjoy a truly relaxing stay in a mini vegan-paradise.

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